To Doodle or Not to Doodle?

and how we raise our puppies...


In the breeding business, there are a lot of folks that are opposed to breeding mixes. We respect that. Doodles are considered a designer breed, and many who breed pure bred dogs are pretty anti-doodle-dandies.... That's not us.

Diversity is good for dogs. Mixed breeds live longer and have fewer congenital issues. We love our pure bred AKC Poodles, but strive for diversity there too. 

Zeb, our Golden Doodle, was actually the inspiration for Doodle part of Uber Doodles and Poodles. Zeb is the sweetest dog ever. Not a mean bone in his body. He is athletic and playful. Loves to please and is always happy. He is a low shedder and easy on those of us with allergies. When we were contemplating getting back into the breeding business, we couldn't help but think of Zeb. 

As we considered the right breeds for our program, there were a few things that were really important to us.

It was very important to us that our dogs be kind and gentle. We love the baby sitter types. We wanted our dogs to be great with kids, and good with all sorts of families. We wanted to offer low shedding dogs, who were less likely to cause people allergies. We also like big dogs.

Doodles seem to have all the qualities of their base dog, plus the intelligence of the poodle. We sought out large breeds that were known for their sweet and gentle nature and how they were as family pets.

The Poodle and the Saint Bernard are both known for being excellent with kids and families, not to mention their size. 

We have the best poodle in the world, and he makes the best babies. Combined with our sweet natured Saint, and our adorable Newfie...well, there you have some giant, UBER doodles! 

In a nutshell, we breed our pups for confirmation, size, color, and most importantly, disposition and temperament. We do extensive health and DNA testing, and offer a 3 year guarantee on our pups. We are not one of those breeders who will leave you hanging or in the dark if something ever goes wrong. We work hard upfront to make sure things go RIGHT. We love our puppies, and we stand behind them. 

Our dogs are family. They do not live outside in a barn or kennel, but instead live inside with us. We are not a huge breeding operation. We prefer quality over quantity, and we love on each of our dogs and puppies daily. Good starts are important, and our dogs and puppies have the best life. 

Speaking of puppies....We Puppy Culture! Puppy Culture is like child development for dogs. What happens in the first 12 weeks is critical. If you have not yet discovered Puppy Culture and are looking for a puppy, we encourage you to check it out. We also encourage you to get your pup from PC breeder. It will make such a difference in the puppy you take home! We believe in this program so much, that we send all our puppies homes with PC perks.

Rest assured, we breed responsibly and according to the best practices of the trade. We only have one litter at a time, and our pups are raised underfoot, in a loving family environment, where they are loved, well handled and socialized from birth.